The FSDC was established by the HKSAR Government in January 2013 in response to the financial services industry’s call for a high-level government advisory body to support the sustained development of the industry. The FSDC engages the industry and formulates proposals to promote the further development of Hong Kong’s financial services industry and map out the strategic direction for the development of Hong Kong as an international financial centre. It acts as a focal point of views and melting pot of ideas, as a champion and ambassador of the industry, and as a capacity builder. 


The FSDC aims to:

1. advise the Government on strategies and measures to expand the scope of our financial markets and enhance the competitiveness of Hong Kong as an international financial centre;
2. support the financial services industry in developing the core competence and knowledge of its practitioners; and
3. promote our financial services industry and Hong Kong as an international financial centre on the Mainland and overseas.

Terms of Reference

The terms of reference of the Council are:

1. to conduct policy research and industry surveys for the formulation of proposals to the Government and regulators;
2. to work with regulatory and trade bodies to identify new opportunities for, and any constraints on, the sustainable growth and diversity of the financial services industry;
3. to maintain a dialogue with the relevant bodies on the Mainland and overseas to support Hong Kong's financial services industry in accessing new markets and growth areas;
4. to facilitate the upgrading of skills and expertise through collaboration with education and training institutions, trade bodies and practitioners; and
5. to promote, on the Mainland and overseas, our financial services industry and Hong Kong as an international financial centre through seminars, road shows, publications, and through active participation in international events.

The FSDC’s work is underpinned by the five committees established, namely, Policy Research Committee; Mainland Opportunities Committee; New Business Committee; Market Development Committee; and Human Capital Committee. The committees are tasked to study specific areas in depth, formulate work directions and plans with a view to providing advice and recommendations to the Government. 


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